Mathias Herbst

Guitar Manufacture/Repairs/Guitar Making Courses

After building Classical and Flamenco Guitars, as well as electric guitars and basses for 23 years in London, I have returned to my home country Germany. Since 2019 I am manufacturing instruments in my workshop in the Musikpark in Mannheim. Steelstring Guitars are now available from Herbst Gitarrenbau as well. Next to a series of my own models, I also offer custom ínstruments as well as repairs and restorations. If you share my passion for guitar making you can take part in my guitar making course where you can build an acoustic guitar from scratch under my subervision.


  • Guitar manufacture
    • Classical and Flamenco Guitars
    • Steelstring Guitars
    • Electric Guitars
    • Electric Basses
  • Repairs
  • Mods
  • Restorations
  • Strings and Accessories
  • Guitar making course

Repair Services

We are dedicated to provide guitar and bass repair services to the highest professional standard. Our workshop is situated in the Musikpark in Mannheim.
To arrange an appointment call Mathias on +49-178-6590269 or email


It doesn’t matter what kind of instrument you play, if acoustic or electric, low budget or high end, a pro set up will improve the playability and sound of your instrument. A full set up includes adjustment of string high, relief, intonation and pick-ups.

Repair, Restoration and Mods

We also provide a wide range of repair services for structural damage (loose struts, wood cracks, headstock breaks, lifting bridge etc.) and worn parts (nuts, saddles, tuners, frets, electrics etc.) as well as complete restoration of vintage instruments, refinishes and any modifications.

Guitar Making Course

Until 2018 Mathias was a lecturer for guitar making at the London Metropolitan University. Now he wants to pass on his knowlage in Germany as well and offers a guitar making course in his workshop in the Musikpark in Mannheim. The course runs weekly with individual 3-hour sessions. The making of an acoustic guitar will take at least 120 hours (40 3-hour sessions).

The registration fee is 120€ and every 3-hour session costs €60. A workbench, machines, tools, jigs and moulds that are needed for guitar making, are all available for use in the workshop. Timber, machine heads, frets etc. need to be bought by the student but Mathias can help with the selection and the odering process.

The course is very popular, so please register early for the (long) waiting list.

Entering the workshop and using tools and machinery at own risk!

For more information please call Mathias under +49-178-6590269 or send him an email to