Steelstring Guitars

The standard Classical Guitars manufactured by Herbst Gitarrenbau are made from native (European) timbers. The highest grade, selected Spruce and Cedar timbers are used for the tops. Walnut is the timber of choice for the neck. For the back and sides is a wide selection of hardwoods available. On request exotic timbers can also be selected for custom guitars. Environmentally friendly and tone enhancing oils are used as standard for the finish but high gloss lacquer and french polish finishes are also available on request.

Steel 1

The Steel 1 has a large body and a long scale length. Therefore she is most suitable for strumming but finger picking patterns also feel at home on this instrument.

Latin Steelstring Guitars

The Steel 1 Latin has the same dimensions as the Steel 1 but she incorporates a floating bridge with a tail piece. Therefore she has a fast attack with a bassy undertone. She is best suited for fast and percussive rhythm parts.